We have been breeding registered Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep since 2011. The majority of our flock are registered with both OEBR and NABSSAR, although we also keep a small number of unregistered ewes whose lambs are sold to local chefs or are available for sale as family pets.

We test at codon 171, and are only using rams with the RR genotype with the goal of keeping an entirely scrapie resistant flock. We take biosecurity very seriously and work to keep a closed flock, however new ewes were purchased in June 2018 from several breeders to diversify our genetics and replace aging ewes who are being retired. We test annually for Johne’s Disease, CL and OPP.


We currently have 41 brood ewes, and used 5 rams for our 2017 breeding (although two have since been retired.)

We are breeding twice a year with the intent to have mid winter lambs as well as mid spring lambs, taking advantage of our sunny Northern California climate.

2018 prices are as follow:

  • Single registered ewe lambs or ram lambs (Either NABSSAR or OEBR): $600
  • Dual registered ewe lambs or ram lambs (NABSSAR and OEBR): $625
  • Unregistered ewe lambs: $500
  • NABSSAR registered wether lambs: $300
  • Unregistered wether lambs: $275

To reserve your lambs, please fill out the 2017 Lamb Reservation Form and Contract and return by mail, fax or email with your deposit. We can accept PayPal with the addition of 3% to cover their fees.