Due to the extraordinary response, we are no longer accepting reservations for 2019 ewe or wether lambs.

We are sorry that we cannot accommodate any additional reservations, but we will not know the exact number, sex or color of lambs to be born. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list should any cancellations occur, please contact us and we will let you know if any become available. Thank you for your understanding. We are still accepting reservations for registered ram lambs.

We have been breeding registered Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep since 2011. The majority of our flock are registered with both OEBR and NABSSAR, although we also keep a small number of unregistered ewes whose lambs are sold to local chefs or are available for sale as family pets.

We test at codon 171, and are only using rams with the RR genotype with the goal of keeping an entirely scrapie resistant flock. We take biosecurity very seriously and work to keep a closed flock testing annually each July for Johne’s Disease, CL and OPP.


2019 prices are as follow:

  • Single registered ewe lambs or ram lambs (Either NABSSAR or OEBR): $625

  • Dual registered ewe lambs or ram lambs (NABSSAR and OEBR): $650

  • Unregistered ewe lambs: $500

  • NABSSAR registered wether lambs: $300

  • Unregistered wether lambs: $275

To reserve your lambs, please fill out a Lamb Reservation Form and Contract and return by mail, fax or email with your deposit. We can accept PayPal with the addition of 3% to cover their fees.