We are a small family-owned farm near the town of Sonoma, CA raising heritage breed livestock, growing olives, as well as heirloom fruits and vegetables.

                          We breed NABSSAR AND OEBR registered Olde English Babydoll Southdown Sheep, ADGA and                              AGS registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats, AKPR and AKKPS Registered Kunekune Pigs and heritage breed poultry.

We strive to be as easy on the land as possible, using the sheep for regenerative grazing and the goats for invasive plant management. The goal for our small diversified farm is to be as sustainable as we possibly can.

We have sold out of ewe and wether lambs for 2019, but do have dual-registered RR ram lambs and adult NABSSAR rams available for sale, so if interested, please submit a lamb or kid request form below and we will send you more info and place you on our waiting list.